J J

Author: J J
Love: Irish Setter, Shetland sheep dog and wife
Disagreeable:Those who tell a lie, the praised type human being of oneself, monster parents, the selfish person that lacks in consideration or care, those who are calm and do mental abuse, the person toward whom thinking inclined remarkably.
Car:Mercedes Benz is a mere leg.
Piano:I like flipping rather than pulling a piano.
Myself:I'm J J
I am living a wonderful life of coming and going of Takarazuka and Hiroshima.
I do not understand me for who it is.
I may be a creator and a composer.
I wish I can make a living so that other people may not become obstructive.
I would like to become a sea urchin of the bottom of the dark deep sea too... It is since it is delicious.
Although a footprint leaves However, it cannot comment on your Blog easily.
Please forgive.

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