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Author: J J
Love: Irish Setter, Shetland sheep dog and wife
Disagreeable:Those who tell a lie, the praised type human being of oneself, monster parents, the selfish person that lacks in consideration or care, those who are calm and do mental abuse, the person toward whom thinking inclined remarkably.
Car:Mercedes Benz is a mere leg.
Piano:I like flipping rather than pulling a piano.
Myself:I'm J J
I am living a wonderful life of coming and going of Takarazuka and Hiroshima.
I do not understand me for who it is.
I may be a creator and a composer.
I wish I can make a living so that other people may not become obstructive.
I would like to become a sea urchin of the bottom of the dark deep sea too... It is since it is delicious.
Although a footprint leaves However, it cannot comment on your Blog easily.
Please forgive.

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Tiara and Sherry   2013 10 22

To buy a flower of gardening, I went to Takarazuka Gardens Seasons.

Of course, in the dog run, I play along with the Shine.

After a while, at the reception desk of the dog run entrance, I found a woman accompanied by 2 Irish setters.
She bowed smiling at me. 彼女はこちらに、ニコニコしながらお辞儀をしました。
Well, surprise! Oh,Tiara and Sherry and Mom.
まぁ、びっくり ティアラちゃん、シェリーちゃんとママです。
In such a weekday,,,,
I thought that was a chance meeting.
In fact, mogu San of Hiroshima informed Tiara mom of my place.
I see. なぁんだ。
Sherry Chan, was a pretty cute (and rambunctious) little girl.
Future is pleasure. 将来が楽しみです。
I'm sorry, I forgot to take a photo.ごめんなさい、写真を撮り忘れました。
Therefore, there is no photo more.従って、これ以上写真はありません。
I expect to blog Tiara mom. ティアラママのブログに期待です。
てぃあらだじょ with しぇりーでしゅ
We had a good time at a dog run. 楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。
Let's go to The Dog Run Field together next time.

Thanks a lot! ありがとう!

THEME:わんことの生活 | GENRE:ペット

Inexperienced sadness (経験したことのない悲しみ)

Day of Halloween soon
This is the birthday of brother   
It was supposed celebrate the birthday of the 56 th 
I was contacted at the end It was the 3rd of October 
The FB only word to "I confirmed It checked" It was answer to seek advice on the work of me   
As of the press  my brother died in an accident of October 5  
I would like to thank the media outlets who just told the world the sad fact

France, India, New Delhi, from US around the world, I received a telegram of condolence

I appreciate 
I feel the future  be disastrous to prevent happening in that place again  it is necessary to do something

However  I can not do anything in the emptiness still

Last goodbye with parents 

Parents pick up the bone  
For them  it would be pathetic and miserable no matter how 
When the predicament and adversity  Kotaro was always smiling   Even now

Even so  in my family uneventful And it was so from a young age  Sorry

Kotaro  may have taken away the bad things we all 
Do some rest 
The thing for you to enjoy cruising the ocean also  deck shoes were placed in a coffin

Kotaro Thank you 

I pray for the souls of Mr. Yasuo 'Yakkun' 
He saved the lives of three members at the expense of himself 


THEME:わんことの生活 | GENRE:ペット